Advanced Manufacturing

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Sanford, North Carolina

Forging a Path Towards the Future

Advanced Manufacturing in Sanford and Lee County means always building towards a better tomorrow, starting with an eager and effective labor base well equipped to meet industry demands. Backed by strategic education and training resources, Sanford’s manufacturing workforce is prepared to implement today’s best practices while seamlessly integrating the cutting-edge practices of tomorrow.

Great benefits don’t come at a high price in Sanford, where manufacturing employers enjoy affordable costs of labor, living and doing business in a prime central location. Proximity to North Carolina’s renowned Research Triangle provides businesses additional opportunities to leverage vital big-city assets and source skilled labor. Companies like Caterpillar, Pfizer and Tyson Foods operate significant facilities in Sanford, taking advantage of the city’s abundant shovel-ready sites and significantly reduced operating costs.

Fast Facts

15+ Companies

with over 200 employees in the manufacturing industry in Sanford.

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Fast Facts

20 Skilled Graduates Per Year

from the Industrial Systems Technology program at Central Carolina Community College.

Central Carolina Community College

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Fast Facts

40 Minutes from North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park

and Downtown Raleigh.

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Number of Employees Across the Industry


Workforce Customized Training

NCWorks is a state workforce development system connecting businesses with qualified talent, and North Carolina workers with potential employers—free of charge. One of the nation’s leading custom training programs, NCWorks provides comprehensive job search assistance at over 80 Career Centers across the state.

Lee County NCWorks Career Center offers manufacturing organizations customized industry training for employees. With the help of state funding, employees in this industry can receive hands-on training at little to no cost.

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The Innovation Center

The Innovation Center at Central Carolina Community College is a world class training center for industrial advancements, providing flexible, hands-on industry skills training.

With a wide variety of courses available addressing quality standards, technical work, safety protocol, and leadership skills, workforce training can be customized to fit the specific needs of an employer or student. The Innovation Center offers training with an emphasis on manufacturing and resources typically reserved for large companies, giving all employers in Sanford the opportunity to create a powerful labor force.

Two people work on coordinating scientific lasers. Credit: Central Carolina Community College (CCCC)

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