Building Strong Community Leaders

April 12, 2024 | Written by: Campbell Wheby

2023-2024 Leadership Sanford Cohort

Sanford Area Growth Alliance is over halfway through this year’s Leadership Sanford program and is currently attending its retreat session this week. The Chamber has offered this program to for over 24 years to provide a continuous, diverse supply of creative leaders to our community. SAGA continues to believe in the core principles of why Leadership Sanford was created back in 1998 for several reasons.

Leadership development in our community is crucial to ensure that the various organizations that help sustain Sanford/Lee County and businesses, small and large, can navigate challenges. The Chamber wants to inspire our members and the citizens of Sanford so our town can continue to grow and thrive while driving economic growth.

The Chamber of Commerce also serves as an advocate for our businesses. Strong leadership is essential in fostering collaboration and driving initiatives that benefit our business community. By investing in Leadership Sanford, we at Sanford Area Growth Alliance are cultivating a pipeline of future innovators who will sustain our business vitality and our community’s livelihood that will impact Sanford over the long term.

If you are an employer, the head of a non-profit or civic organization, or an individual interested in making a positive difference in our community, we would love to have you in future cohorts of SAGA’s Leadership Sanford. We will begin planning our new class this summer, but if you are interested in learning more, please reach out to me or visit our webpage at

Susan Gomez, Chamber of Commerce Director