Chamber Chat: What to do in Sanford, you ask?

May 14, 2023 | Written by: Caitlin Moore

What a weekend we have had! I could not think of a better way to spend time than in Sanford! How can we not be excited? How can we not be proud of where we live? I was beyond happy to spend this weekend out and about town living life soaking in all that we have to offer.

This weekend my family and I visited the Farmer’s Market and enjoyed the fresh produce, baked goods, specialty and craft items all from our local citizens. From there, we walked to the various shops and restaurants that were open during Strawberry Jammin’. There was live music at Carolina Indie Fest, as well as the mural dedication of Piedmont Blues.

We have come such a long way since a few years ago. No matter your hobby, you’re sure to find something to do in Lee County these days.  There are so many shops open now, and places to visit walking around downtown. If nature is more of your calling, take part in the guided hikes offered at San-Lee Park or just find any of the many trails in Lee County as part of the Year of Trail and enjoy a walk-through nature. For those with little ones, the Splash Pad is now open for the season.

We are a collection of people that have been together for many years and have worked together to create this community. We are now in a place where not only do we get to enjoy it, but others want too as well. We are seeing how others are curious of the vigor that Sanford has by the numerous visitors coming into our community to get a taste of our quality of place. It has taken a lot of work and it has had its challenges and we are not done yet, but we can definitely take this weekend to celebrate.

We work hard every day at the Chamber to make sure we raise awareness of all that Sanford, Lee County and Broadway have to offer. We want to make sure we stay relevant and continue to add value: value in membership and value in our community. Everything has intention and purpose, and we will continue to work in that fashion to keep providing integrity to how we promote and grow Sanford, Lee County, and Broadway.

I encourage each of you to step out this weekend and really open your eyes to see the beauty of where you live. Enjoy time with your families and friends.

Susan Gomez

Chamber of Commerce Director