Get “On Board!”

May 14, 2024 | Written by: Campbell Wheby

downtown sanford

Our community depends on various boards that require the voices of Sanfordians. Local board participation has several benefits:

  • Board participation allows you to directly contribute to the improvement of our town by participating in decision-making processes that address local issues.
  • By participating in a local board, you can build valuable connections with other community members, community leaders, and organizations. These connections can lead to opportunities for collaboration and personal growth.
  • Serving on a community board provides the opportunity to develop certain skills in leadership, communication, and problem-solving that will benefit you in both your personal and professional life.
  • As a member of these local boards, you can advocate for the needs and interests of Sanford. You would become part of the voice and represent the voice of others in our community, ensuring that they are heard and considered when policy making and planning processes are on the table.
  • Lastly, the sense of belonging that you will gain is priceless. Becoming actively involved in our community boards can lead to a sense of belonging and pride in your town, Sanford. As you become more engaged, you will show others around you the importance of civic engagement, encouraging them to be involved as well.

This is what we mean by being the voice of this community. Everyone should have a sense of community partnership and engagement. Help us build stronger relationships between our local governance and our community residents that will continue to lead Sanford to a better future for all.

To become a part of the community’s voice, please visit the Lee County website at and go to Boards, Committees, and Commissions under the government tab and/or visit the City of Sanford website at and go to Boards and Commissions under the government tab. Take a look and take a leap into community board engagement.

Susan Gomez, Chamber of Commerce Director