Small Businesses: The Heart of Our Community

April 02, 2024 | Written by: Campbell Wheby

RISE Spring 2024 Cohort

The RISE Program completed its eighth cohort last night and soon we will have two more small businesses incorporated in our community. Some may wonder why the program emphasizes the importance of small businesses in Sanford. While all businesses, large or small, are integral to Sanford’s success, small businesses are the heart of our community. Why?

  • These small businesses keep money circulating within Sanford and Lee County, so they boost the local economy: money earned here gets reinvested here.
  • The start of new small businesses creates jobs for residents.
  • Unique and creative stores contribute to the charm of our town by offering diverse products, services and/or experiences that larger chain and box stores do not provide.
  • Small businesses are hubs for innovation, bringing new ideas and offering solutions to the community they serve.
  • The customer service experience provided is personal and fosters strong relationships between its customers and owners by creating and strengthening the sense of community.
  • Since a lot of small businesses are locally owned, owners take pride in giving back to our community by supporting local non-profits and schools.

Sanford Area Growth Alliance stands behind our RISE Program and supports our small business owners; they play a crucial role in economic development, social and cultural vitality within Sanford and Lee County.

Please continue to shop at our local businesses, enjoy meals at locally owned eateries, choose local service providers, enjoy local productions at the Temple Theatre, and support community events like our Farmer’s Market. Be a positive advocate for our town; contribute to the prosperity of Lee County and Sanford.

Susan Gomez, Chamber of Commerce Director