Chamber Chat: It Just Kind of Happened.

April 23, 2023 | Written by: Caitlin Moore

It just kind of happened … ever feel like that about times in your life? Well, it kind of just happened to me… nine months ago this week when I became Chamber of Commerce Director at Sanford Area Growth Alliance. I was perfectly fine with where I was and what I was doing, not feeling any which way about just kind of floating along doing the same thing for the near future. Then an email popped up in my inbox and it sparked a little fire in me. It took a conversation with my husband and a little bit of a conversation with myself as well to say “Go for it, just do it!” We all need a little fire at times to take that next step. You just don’t ever know what is on the other side and you won’t know until you step over the threshold.

Now that nine months have passed, I can tell you that this role was never in my radar and this role is what I worked for my entire career path, unbeknownst to me. Every day since coming on board has been great, even the challenging ones. And yes, I said challenging because if it was all rosy and easy then I would have to ask myself, what am I doing? I see how my past experiences help me and I clearly see all that I still must learn. The excitement that knowledge brings drives me to put my best foot forward. Understanding as well that my best, at times, still requires more of me and accepting that challenge benefits my growth and benefits the community I am serving …You.

There are a lot of facets to representing SAGA as Chamber Director and every day brings about a new concept that I had not discovered. Working with a team that values our community moves me to keep on trucking even on the days that my energy is low. Working with a team that intentionally thinks through how and what it can do to make our community better is invigorating. Seeing the integrity that each person in our team holds as they perform all the different functions we serve as they maintain the core of our mission and vision reinforces my decision that I made nine months … I am part of one of the great reasons Sanford thrives.

Aside from being part of the great team at Sanford Area Growth Alliance, one of the best parts of taking on this role has been the opportunity it has given me to go out, meet and work for a community that has embraced me with so much support. I thank all of you who have made your presence known to me and I especially thank you who sit behind the newspaper quietly reading my chat, who listen to me on the radio, or see me about town and just observe; know that your quiet support is appreciated.

I hope that in these past nine months I have been able to show you that my desire is to be a good representative for our town and a good advocate for you.  My plan is to continue to learn, grow and keep reaching out to you to help me be the best I can for you.

Susan Gomez

Chamber of Commerce Director