Strong Community Health Care is Essential to Economic Growth

February 08, 2024 | Written by: Campbell Wheby

central carolina hospital. a brick building with pavement

When working with existing industry or working to attract new industry to the Sanford area, convenient healthcare access and quality healthcare services are an essential part of the conversation. SAGA emphasizes the depth of exceptional healthcare in Lee County and the surrounding areas to prospective businesses. Having a community hospital with nationally recognized specialties is an essential ingredient in Lee County’s current strategy to expand the workforce and attract new business, and a quality local hospital has been a part of local businesses’ formula for success for more than a century.

The original Central Carolina Hospital was established with 21 beds in 1909, and as the community grew, it expanded dramatically to more than 50 beds in a modern brick facility when the publicly owned and operated Lee County Hospital opened on Hillcrest Drive in 1931. Lee County Hospital expanded again in 1953 to more than 100 beds, before moving into a brand new building as Central Carolina Hospital in 1981. Central Carolina Hospital continues to provide quality, reliable healthcare services to the local community and beyond. Having a local community hospital is a benefit to residents in need of care, and an economic development asset.

To expand and grow the workforce, companies rely heavily on the quality of life a community provides. Talent is attracted by proximity to affordable housing and convenient access to quality health care. Employers rely on the services of a local hospital or clinic for injuries at work and drug testing. When companies look for their next facility location, these needs are at the top of their list Having a local community hospital can help put you ahead. Central Carolina Hospital, a Duke Lifepoint Hospital, has made strides in specialty care areas. Having specialty care facilities in Lee County is a major convenience for the local workforce and a valued investment seen by companies.

Central Carolina Hospital is surrounded regionally by some of the best healthcare systems in the nation, but CCH offers the local accessibility to urgent medical treatment, as well as convenient access to long term care. They aim to provide safe, quality, compassionate healthcare to their friends, neighbors, and the surrounding population. CCH has the unique position to serve the community they live in. Their employees directly benefit our community with their knowledge, involvement, and connections. They serve a critical need for emergency care as well as enhancing their specialty services to provide convenience to their customers. With accreditation from the American College of Cardiology for their Chest Pain Center and Heart Failure Program and a growing Women’s Health Center which just welcomed a new OB/GYN Physician with over 25 years of experience, CCH has a plan for growth and enhancements to continue to serve their neighbors.

The economic impact of a local hospital goes far beyond its use and incentives for Lee County employers. CCH currently has over 500 employees and 200 providers. The American Hospital Association data shows that for every job in a local hospital, two jobs are supported in the surrounding community. For every dollar spent by a local hospital, an additional $2.33 is spent in local businesses. That is a significant economic ripple effect that benefits the community every day.  Whether it is through supporting services for the hospital or retail and restaurant spending, CCH provides opportunity for Lee County businesses and residents.

Crystal Gaddy, Business Retention and Expansion Manager