Chamber Chat – NC IDEA Grant

February 13, 2022 | Written by: sanford-user

By Meg Moss, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

Do you have a start-up business and are looking for that extra boost?

NC IDEA’s $10,000 MICRO and $50,000 SEED grant applications are now open and are due February 28, 2022. Whether you have just launched a startup or are looking to grow and scale your company, NC IDEA has resources that can help in the success of your journey when and where you need it. Grant applications are available at

NC IDEA is an independent private, 501(c)(3) foundation whose vision is to help North Carolinians achieve their entrepreneurial ambition to start and grow high potential companies. NC IDEA fosters sustainable economic development with competitive grants and programs for entrepreneurs and funding to strengthen the North Carolina entrepreneurial ecosystem. NC IDEA offers grant funding and support on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

If you have launched a startup, NC IDEA’s MICRO grant can provide small amounts of funding to entrepreneurs who are testing a big, new business idea. Through small, project-based grants, NC IDEA MICRO awards $10K in funding to young companies looking to validate and advance their idea. NC IDEA has found that funding, paired with mentorship and guidance, early in a company’s lifecycle, can make a significant impact on future success.

If you are looking to grow and scale, NC IDEA’s $50K SEED grant may be just what you need to advance your startup, gain customers or attract future investment. NC IDEA SEED offers early stage companies the critical funding they need to scale faster. Their $50K grants are awarded to innovative startups with a proven concept — even if they are not yet profitable. The funds, along with mentorship and guidance, push companies forward and reduce risk associated with growing startups.

Why is mentorship included in the grant programs? A mentor can help you grow and develop as a professional, often offering advice based on their more advanced knowledge or experience. They can encourage and enable you and can help focus your efforts by setting goals and giving feedback. A mentor helps hold you accountable for your goals. By tracking progress, the mentor helps you stay focused and on track towards completing them.  Knowing that someone else is watching can serve as motivation, as you likely do not want to let the mentor down by failing to meet goals.

So, while the funding is a great opportunity for your startup, don’t forget the importance of receiving the advice of a mentor. And whether you are approved for an NC IDEA grant or not, I encourage you to seek out a local mentor to help you reach your goals.

NC IDEA’s mission is to strengthen the economy of North Carolina through a strategic combination of grants and programs, deployed directly and through a network of partners, in furtherance of our Vision to help people achieve their entrepreneurial potential.