Centered around Community

August 30, 2023 | Written by: Morgan

A water tower. Credit: Ahmod Goins

The theme throughout the events and meetings I have recently attended has been centered around community. The community we live in and how we belong to the community. People make a community. Over the past year I have shared articles and remarks about community so why write about it again? Citizens must stay engaged and embrace local assets and happenings.

We have business leaders, civic leaders, faith leaders and citizens that work diligently to keep Sanford at the forefront of the growth that is already here. They are also the ones working towards what is to come. However, the input of those that live and work here every day is of utmost importance. How do we know that what we are fighting for is important? How do we know it is what this community needs?

The only way to know and be able to be objective about all the changes is to be in the heart of it. Be amid all the activity and seek the information to help you understand what is really going on in Sanford. How do we do that?

Look at any media outlet and you will see all the events that are going on in one weekend alone and go to them. See the parks, see the trails, visit the shops, eat at our restaurants, go to the festivals, go to the farmers market, visit the library … all these might surprise you if you have never seen them or if it has been a while. Go to the City and County meetings, attend a civic organization luncheon, attend our Public Policy Luncheons. The amount of information you will walk away from will astonish you.

I believe and love what Sanford is and where the future will take our community. I want all of you that live and work here to feel that same pride so when someone asks you, what is going on in Sanford? You not only know the answer but will speak of it with a smile on your face. And next time someone who does not live here asks “what is all the fuss about,” you can say “See you in Sanford” and then you will know.


Susan Gomez

Chamber of Commerce Director