The Business Ecosystem of Lee

August 21, 2023 | Written by: Morgan

An ecosystem is a geographic area where the organisms work together with the landscape to form a bubble of life. That may have caused you to have flashbacks of the 1996 film “Bio-dome”. Sorry, or you’re welcome as you search your streaming provider now for a taste of nostalgia. The term “Business Ecosystem” derived its named from the biological term and fits it beautifully. Our business ecosystem is an ever-evolving environment. Area businesses interact with each other and produce goods, services, and supply jobs to members of the community. The community in turn drives the economy and businesses in the ecosystem. Some thrive while others fail based on their success in finding a niche or role in the ecosystem.

Every part of our community is equally important to driving this ecosystem. From Lee county’s agricultural roots, still strong and valued as a large part of who we are and providing a charm to hold on to, to the manufacturing, biotech and technology driven industries adding to our economic portfolio daily. Individuals, companies, suppliers, customers, collaborations, workforce partners and community builders are all impacted by and are essential to the health of our business ecosystem. It is no surprise or secret that our ecosystem is growing. Whether you see it as positive or negative, growth is here. The importance of an ecosystem is that you let it grow and evolve but you keep it healthy. You keep it balanced. Being intentional with planning, having a vision for growth, and nurturing that ecosystem regularly is key to success.

To nurture local businesses SAGA will continue to promote networking, collecting the voices of the business community and listening to individuals and community partners on their ideas for our business ecosystem’s “balance”.  SAGA’s BRE Program knows that successful ecosystems contain healthy existing businesses, which account for the largest impact to the local economy. Being an asset to local businesses, which in turn lifts our community, is the goal. Our community doesn’t stand alone, and we must look to our regional position to fully understand the ecosystem. With companies like VinFast calling Chatham County home we will see some of the employees call Lee County home. Our Ecosystem will feel the impact in many ways from neighboring counties. Since we already experience that impact in Lee County today, we know we can make it! Wake, Cumberland, Moore, and Harnett County are among others who play roles in our Regional Business Ecosystem. Lee continues to grow and thrive with our neighbors. But how to grow, where to grow and what to grow. These are heavy decisions to make and not taken lightly by Lee County leaders and businesses. I encourage everyone to be a part of that decision the best way you can. Become a part of our community’s voice. Become a Chamber of Commerce member. Talk to your representatives. We have a beautiful and charming ecosystem to share with a strong history and opportunity for the future.


Crystal Gaddy

Business Retention & Expansion