SAGA Involvement in 2024

December 28, 2023 | Written by: Campbell Wheby

As SAGA members, investors and other stakeholders briefly pause their operations to celebrate the holiday season and retool their facilities for the year ahead, SAGA’s staff has capitalized on the momentary lull in events, activities, and project submissions to reflect on the year just past and refine our strategies for the year ahead. As we prepare a very ambitious event calendar for 2024, we’ve challenged ourselves to think deeply about the “why” for each of SAGA’s events and programs.  

There are four primary reasons why SAGA’s members and investors insist on such a robust calendar of in-person events and programs, and all four capitalize on the power of local community engagement to drive business success. 

Having a Voice. SAGA and the Chamber have been the trusted “Voice of Business” for the Sanford business community for more than 85 years, and member businesses know that when SAGA speaks on their behalf, policymakers, potential customers and civic leaders are paying attention. SAGA’s Public Policy Luncheons offer direct access for business owners to their elected leaders and government staff, and the latest information on matters of public policy impacting their business.  

Being In the Know. SAGA members and stakeholders offer the most current and reliable source of local business intelligence. What’s going on over in Jonesboro across from Kendale? What’s being built at the corner of Hawkins and US1? When will the new restaurant be open? What is the status of the improvements to Main Street in Jonesboro? SAGA events are the ideal venue for gathering and sharing the latest local business news, property transactions, business openings and closings, and city and county policy decisions. 

Expanding Networks. SAGA is the nexus of business networking and communications in the Sanford area. There is no better place to connect with potential customers and allies, efficiently expanding business and social networks to include the most active and engaged movers and shakers in the local business community. 

Brand Building. The SAGA name brings instant credibility and increased awareness to members’ brands. Local community engagement is a key ingredient in the “secret sauce” of every successful small business, and a tremendous tool for employers large and small seeking to bolster their talent attraction efforts.  

With these four significant value propositions in mind, SAGA staff and volunteer leaders are busy putting the finishing touches on an impressive array of events and programs for the upcoming year. In addition to direct participation in these events, we encourage you to consider boosting the benefit to your brand and your bottom line by becoming a SAGA marketing partner and sponsoring an event or series of events in 2024. 

Stay tuned for a comprehensive menu of marketing opportunities in January, and please don’t hesitate to reach out directly in the meantime. We’d love to hear more about the “why” behind your ongoing SAGA membership and investment! 

Jimmy Randolph, CEO