Behind the “New Me” Notion | Chamber Chat

January 30, 2023 | Written by: Caitlin Moore

We are almost done with the first month of the new year, how are we feeling?! I will honestly say that I can definitely take a “coffee break” right now and try to reroute myself 😊
If the new year started at 60 MPH, it may be time to slow it down to a leisurely stroll in the park.

The new year always begins in a frenzy; after a few days or weeks of hibernating at home with family and friends, we all feel so ready to jump back into our outside life. That energy is invigorating – we all have our new planners and calendars out, ready to be filled with all the new goals, visions, and tasks that we are actually going to accomplish this year, am I right? Let’s give ourselves some grace if by week four, we already feel like we are losing momentum, it’s okay.

I love the energy of a new year and love the vigor that comes with all the “new year, new me” spirit. But have you asked yourself, “do I need to be a new me?” Let’s take that coffee break and give ourselves the time to think through these “new me” notions. It may be that we do not need to be a “new.” It may be that we just need to keep working at who we are to get to the best version of ourselves. It is easy to tear that page and start on a clean, new one. It is harder to look back at the page, read it through again, and honestly, make edits. It is easier to start anew, it is harder to look at what we need to do to be better.

Do we need to revamp the program?
Do we need better communication?
Do we need to change the date or the time?
Do we need a refresher?

There is always room for  improvement. We want to continue to grow and succeed but as with everything, time changes our perspective, our audience and possibly, our end goals. What we were reaching two to three years ago, may not be exactly where we need to be now, and know that it is okay.

We, your Chamber, want to be your best advocate and your best partner so we will be looking at ourselves to see where we can improve in how we serve you, our citizens and community.
Our end goal is always to be the voice of our community and we are here to listen and learn how we can continue to do so by improving ourselves in the way we serve. Know that we appreciate your support and will always work towards building and strengthening our relationships.


Susan Gomez
Chamber of Commerce Director