Target Sectors

On-target assets and resources for diverse sectors.

A central location, high-powered logistics and a powered-up labor force provide a potent combination for productivity and performance across a variety of sectors, including:

Advanced Manufacturing: Skills on top of skills. That’s a must for today’s advanced manufacturing. And that’s exactly what Sanford-Lee delivers, beginning with an effective and thoroughly educated labor base, skills strategically aligned and seamlessly integrated with industry needs. Honing those workforce skills, NCWorks, one of the nation’s leading custom training programs, assures a perfectly calibrated fit of team and task. And while manufacturers can expect skills to be sharper, they can also expect to slash costs in labor, living and doing business in a prime location that also allows industry to leverage the vital R&D assets of the globally renowned Research Triangle.

Life Sciences: For outstanding success, Sanford-Lee offers uniquely affordable access to leading assets. Central Carolina Hospital’s Advanced Wound Care & Hyberbaric Treatment Center is producing clinically-proven results right here, while nearby resources include UNC Research at Chapel Hill and the Duke Clinical Research Institute, the nation’s largest and oldest academic clinical research organization. Duke’s massive enterprise expends more than $700 million in sponsored research with grant funding from National Institutes of Health grant funding (excluding R&D contracts and ARRA awards) worth $342 million, while UNC Research pumps more then $7 billion into the state’s economy annually. A Sanford-Lee location offers top-rated healthcare opportunities in a low-cost, high-quality setting.

Energy: Sanford-Lee offers centralized access to resources and cluster opportunities in one of the nation’s top energy states. From coal-fired to nuclear to alternative, the numbers tell the story: In 2013, NC ranked sixth in the nation in net electricity generation from nuclear power, producing 5.1% of the nation's total. In 2014, NC ranked 2nd in the nation for newly installed solar electric capacity, and 4th in total installed solar capacity. In 2014 NC solar installation attracted a total investment of $652 million. NC is also home to over 16% of the nation’s public and private access biodiesel fueling stations. Sanford-Lee’s central location, superb logistics and highly skilled low-cost workforce provide a competitive edge in a rapidly changing market.

Defense-related industry: Defense related industry makes an annual economic impact of over $30 billion in North Carolina. And Sanford-Lee puts your operation in the middle of the action, just 30 minutes from Fort Bragg, home to U.S. Army airborne forces and Special Forces as well as U.S. Army Forces Command and U.S. Army Reserves Command. Sanford-Lee also offers cluster connections through Central Carolina Community College’s collaboration with the NC Defense Business Association and NC Military Business Center.

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