The ConnectNC Bond

Mar 08

With the political season upon us, and elections drawing near - NC is buzzing about current events. On March 15, the North Carolinians will be making their way to the polls to vote in the NC Primary. On the ballot, that some people won't notice, will be ConnectNC bond portion. 



What is the ConnectNC Bond?

The ConnectNC bond is a $2 billion dollar bond referendum that NC Governor Pat McCrory is proposing to "connect North Carolina to the 21st Century" - the $2 billion will be invested in statewide upgrades to education, parks, recreation and infrastructure. 


$2 billion is a lot - will that increase NC State tax?

Good question - taxes seem to be every North Carolinian's concern. Governor McCrory has reiterated that the ConnectNC bond will not require any tax increases. Currently North Carolina is paying back its existing debt so quickly, that the overall debt will not increase. 


Where is all this money going? 

The state of North Carolina has not seen a bond of this sort in over 15 years... aka 15 years since the last major upgrade to state infrastructure. We're in desperate need of upgraded infrastructure. The bond money will go to things that have been neglected, such as State Parks & Zoos, NC Agriculture & Farms, Universities & Community Colleges, Water & Sewer Infrastructure, the National Guard & Public Safety. 


What does this mean for Lee County?

Lee County will see the benefits of this bond in our Cooperative Extension - Agriculture & Forestry sustainability, and Central Carolina Community College will be part of the community colleges that will receive money for new construction and renovations.


Sounds great, how do I vote?

On March 15, when you head to the polls to vote - the ConnectNC portion will be closer to the bottom of the ballot. 


I want more information

Perfect! Here are some helpful links:




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