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Mar 18

By Meg Moss


I want to thank Luke Gendron with Zeal Metric for being our guest Chamber Chat contributor for this article. Zeal Metric submitted this article to the Sanford Area Growth Alliance (SAGA) Blog, and I think you will find his information helpful for your business online presence. If you are a Chamber member, and would like to submit an article for the SAGA Blog, please contact me at, and I can provide you with the guidelines. This is the first of a two part series on your business digital presence.

With any business operation, the goal is to either reduce costs, increase revenues or both at the same time.  Research and analysis will prevent your business from adopting a technology that does not align with your business goals or industry.  Marketing automation is an excellent example of a technique often selected too early.  Until your business has a dedicate asset(s) to facilitate operations within marketing automation, picking this tactic naturally results in an additional cost and an investment that could be used more efficiently in a different direction.

For smaller businesses, research and analysis will usually reveal a deficiency in content within the businesses online channels.  Google demands that all companies use hearty, engaging content within their web properties for better results within their SERP (search engine results page).  If your business determines that your content is a primary obstacle, content creation needs to be your marketing priority.  Thin content increases the cost of every digital marketing tactic in existence.  It also reduces the effectiveness of the campaigns.  Bounce rate is a crucial metric to determine if you have thin content, though it is only one factor.

On the flip side, a researched approach provides a strategy with tactics that have a proven return on investment when utilized correctly.  Email marketing, content marketing, and Google AdWords all have proven return on investment, when used at the right place, with the right content, at the right time. 

Another aspect of research overlooked by managers is understanding your audience.  Your business has two significant audiences; those that fall within your human audience profiles and search engines.  Researching audience profiles allow your business model to create content that your human audience will find engaging and consumable.  Removing assumptions through research will open up new markets and opportunities for managers looking to grow.

The second audience is Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  They only have one standard.  It is the same standard that Pepsi, Amazon and every business model in existence has to follow.  That standard is unforgiving and universal.  No industry has a pass or works around.  If a provider tells you they do, be wary of black hat digital marketing tactics.  The search engines are brutal when they feel that an organization has violated their rules and forgiveness is a slow, expensive process.

The previous statement may seem daunting.  Enterprise level organizations have mountains of resources and the ability to acquire talented individuals to execute their content marketing strategies.  To the small business owner, it would appear like a giant is in the way of their success.  Here are some words of hope.  Small businesses get the most significant gains from just trying to do the right thing.  Google and the other search engines want your businesses to grow so that they can increase their advertising revenues.  No matter how big the internet gets, there is an opportunity for your small business to shine.

There is no silver bullet solution to the building of an online community or credibility online.  Digital marketers that understand their craft comprehend that content creation is the first solution to the majority of a deficient marketing strategies shortfalls.   To business owners, this equates to an increase in costs without a clear output of increased revenues. 

In next week’s article, Zeal Metric will share with us about low cost solutions, and about just what is “good online content”.

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