Life in Sanford

Crafting quality in life.

Quality: The potter feels it in the graceful shape taking form on the wheel. The vintner tastes it in the bouquet and body of a perfect wine. Manufacturing teams recognize it in the excellence of well-made products coming off the factory floor.

Crafting quality is what Sanford does best; quality is central to all our efforts in creating a uniquely attractive and livable community, now home to 29,000 residents. Lee County is home to 60,000 residents - and is a NC Certified Retirement Community.

With exceptional human and natural resources we’ve built a strong economy: Our robust manufacturing base has drawn global leaders like Pfizer, Moen, Coty and Caterpillar. Our retail sales in 2014 were over $650 million. Our median family income is a healthy $56,795.

A foundation for learning and life: On that solid economic foundation we’ve created quality in all areas of life. Our student-centered PK-14 schools provide a rigorous and enriched education that sees graduation not as an endpoint but as a launching point for students creating the future of their dreams. Our students earn their marks, and then they make them.

Special and specialized care: Our leading healthcare provider, Central Carolina Hospital (CCH), has also made its mark, recently cited by Consumer Reports for excellence in a critical area of hospital care. With over 100 medical professionals representing more than two dozen specialties, CCH offers a depth of service and expertise that helps residents stay well and feel good about their healthcare options.

Outstanding recreation: And when it comes to building healthier bodies and spirits, the sun- and fun-filled recreational assets of Sanford keep residents on the move and in the mix: Championship golf at 5 outstanding area golf courses include a nationally ranked public course, and a municipal course where handicaps are honed amidst impressive natural beauty. Expanding greenways keep bicycles rolling and pedestrians strolling, while the 177-acre San Lee Park and Bicycle Trail is a regional favorite. And for simple, spectacular outdoor getaways, just add water, paddling the 76-mile trek on the Deep River or diving into the action at the 1,400 acres of Jordan Lake.

A culture of excellence and enjoyment: While Sanford’s wealth of public parks and outdoor spaces assure refreshing recreation for a song, high notes in the arts are plentiful and pitch perfect: Music and drama at the Temple Theatre, festival fun at the Sanford Arts and Vine, performances by the Heart of Carolina Jazz Orchestra that delight aficionados and create life-long fans. Arts are for savoring in Sanford, and so are dining choices that delight every taste.

In fact, Sanford lets you savor every day in a city where affordable costs allow residents to enjoy living beyond their expectations, yet well within their means. That includes a welcome variety of housing prices, styles, and settings.

Living your life, loving your life, crafting the legacy of a happy, thriving family. That’s quality of life, quality in life, here in Sanford.

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