Chamber Chat - Digital Presence pt. 2

Mar 25

By Meg Moss


I want to thank Luke Gendron with Zeal Metric for being our guest Chamber Chat contributor for this article. Zeal Metric submitted this article to the Sanford Area Growth Alliance (SAGA) Blog, and I think you will find his information helpful for your business online presence. This is the second article of a two part series.

How do you build an online community, or credibility online? There is no silver bullet solution. Digital marketers that understand their craft comprehend that content creation is the first solution to the majority of a deficient marketing strategies shortfalls.   To business owners, this equates to an increase in costs without a clear output of increased revenues.  It is easy to understand the draw of these fantasies, but the lack of results can sour your outlook on the entire digital media industry.

Lower cost solutions become extremely attractive when managers are pressured to create results, or business owners are searching for a quick gain.  Current trends include pushing low-quality short-form content which is usually off-shored, annual agreements for advertising services on secondary social media platforms, and alternative website development platform services. 

The key to avoiding a dangerous situation is understanding the standards that Google is operating within.  Google and all of the other search engines want to show your website to the world.  However, it also wants to continue to be the highest trafficked search engine in the developed world.  If you are producing adequately formatted, meaty content for your audience and it can see that, you are ahead of the majority of your competitors.  That is the only solution that comes with a guaranteed result.  Good content created consistently!

What is Good Content?

Content on the internet has many forms.  Written content takes on two forms; long form, and short form.  As the names imply, long-form content is written materials that have depth and length.  The exact word count varies, however, a good rule of thumb is more than 500 words.  Short form content is less than 500 words.  As a rule of thumb, anything less than 300 words is not considered search engine in a friendly way.  Current search engine technology “reads” your web properties and assigns values based on relevancy and long-form content that contains keywords that are relevant to your audience is looked on favorably.

Other forms of content include video, images, infographics and audio content.  Each type of content has its own set of guidelines, advantages, and disadvantages.   When prioritizing content creation, it is essential to understand the quality standards advertising mediums institute.  In the end, content needs syndication to be consumed by new people.  An example would be the quality score that Google AdWords uses to calculate the cost of ad placement.  This system measures the quality of a landing page by relevance, quality and critical attributes of an adequately formatted landing page. 

In Google’s “mind”, good content is shareable and creates credibility through link building. Content is the cornerstone of search engine optimization.

Search engines love great content, no matter what algorithm update occurs.  Invest in the right content, at the right time and in the right place.  This leads to credibility and the sharing of your content via third parties.

Please reach out to the Zeal Metric team through the Sanford Area Growth Alliance at 919-775-7341. We’ll be happy to connect you.

If you are a Chamber member, and would like to submit an article for the SAGA Blog, please contact me at, and I can provide you with the guidelines.


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