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Jul 23

By Meg Moss

Your Sanford Area Growth Alliance Chamber of Commerce leadership recently asked elected officials, and managers of our units of government to make an extra effort to purchase goods and services from local businesses. In letters to city and county managers, as well as our school superintendent, we encouraged them to spend tax money locally. Here is the text of our letter:


Now that budgets for the coming year have been adopted, the Sanford Area Growth Alliance Chamber of Commerce would like to take this opportunity to encourage all departments of our local government to buy products and services locally.

We realize that most government purchasing is based on the low bid model. At the Chamber, we are confident your staff will consistently look for ways to save taxpayer dollars. When reviewing prices, please also take into account that buying from Lee County vendors allows local businesses to pay taxes and provide wages.

When you consider bids for any purchase, from automobiles, construction supplies or office furniture; from insurance to computer consulting and repair; even small items like toilet paper and break room coffee, we are asking that due consideration be given to local businesses whose owners and employees live, work and play here, as well as raise their families here.

We encourage our citizens to shop locally, and we hope our elected officials and community leaders will do the same. Supervisors on your team who have purchasing authority should be made aware of the critical importance of local purchasing to Lee County’s economy.

From our earliest days as a community, a healthy business sector has been one of Broadway, Sanford and Lee County’s best assets. It is crucial that our community leaders look for every means possible to help our local businesses stay profitable.


This past April (the most recent data available), our community realized a 9.66% increase in sales tax receipts over April of 2016. Some may say Lee County residents are spending more, while others attribute it to out of towners coming in to shop because of the increased shopping options we have on 87 South, and in our revitalized downtown.  Buying local pays off for both the local business owner, as well as the community as a whole. Collectively, when we shop local, we are increasing our tax base, making more money available for our schools, services for the elderly, and other quality of life programs.

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